SouthGate’s custom designed property maintenance programs will enhance the aesthetic value of your home’s appearance, while increasing the property’s value....
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    SouthGate’s experience with the design
    and implementation of a specific property’s
    maintenance needs, results in the professional appearance that business
    and condominium...
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    SouthGate Nurserymen’s snow
    and ice management division
    provides the highest quality of services.
    We monitor the weather
    24 hours...
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Latest Work Featured Projects

Oyster Park Trees
Newtown Memorial Tree Park

Newtown Memorial Tree Park at Oyster Shell Park in Norwalk...

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Southgate Nurserymen Landscapers Connecticut
Oyster Shell Park, Norwalk CT

This SouthGate project transformed an 11 acre landfill to a...

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New Haven Tennis Open at Yale
New Haven Tennis Open at Yale University

Our design with the use of large containers, custom grown...

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